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Cheap Simple Steamed Brownies Recipe

Cheap Simple Steamed Brownies Recipe - Ok I'm sure you agree if there is a way to bake brownies steamed simple and economical or cheap is what trying at home, do not ?.

This afternoon my sister in law sms, ask for steamed brownies recipe. Confused how to deliver, if passed could sms sms until 7 respectively. Fine, finally dibikinin note wrote on FB. I've been a few times to make steamed brownies. With a variety of recipes.

brownies recipe
brownies recipe

Try anyway the story. From which the materials are expensive and can be difficult in the village, until the ingredients are simple and there are everywhere. But finally, I matched with steamed brownies are economical and practical. Ga use melted butter and DCC event (dark cooking chocolate). Quite bland-pit and it tolerable deh. Soft, nyoklat with meisyes melt in the middle. Here's the recipe http://www.beritain.com

4 eggs
175 grams of sugar
½ tablespoon emulsifier (at the grocery store brand cake Ovalet / TBM / SP / kind).
100 grams of wheat protein were (stamp triangle / blue bear)
45 grams of cocoa powder
75 ml of sweetened condensed milk (2 Sachet flag milk chocolate)
100 cc of water
125 cc vegetable oil
Brown meyses taste

Directions Cheap Simple Steamed Brownies Recipe :

Beat eggs, sugar until fluffy, enter emulsifier whipped until thick and stiff tread.
Stir in the flour, cocoa powder, stir until well blended (disposable mixer).
Give sweetened condensed milk and stir again.
Add water and oil, stir again.
Grease a baking pan with vegetable oil until blended.
1/2 steamed dough and steamed section 15 minutes or until cooked.
Sprinkle top with chocolate meyses
Enter the 1/2 portion of dough rest, steamed 30 minutes.
This recipe source of mailing Natural Cooking Club. I choose because the ingredients readily available, simple and economical. How to make it too easy. It feels similar to a brownie yes passable kukusnya Amanda: D. If you want to feel more nyoklat use cocoa powder rather expensive (eg brand Van houtten, in Indomaret usually many). It should be noted in making steamed brownies are:
Let ga bantet, beat eggs until completely rigid. Mark when beaten eggs dicolek with fingers, then stuck in finger pointy shape and fixed. If using a regular handmixer (not heavy duty) about 30 minutes. If shaken use a hand? Can not know until stiff engga, which no rigid arms: D.
Let ga mushy under, while stirring the vegetable oil must be completely flat (dough so homogeneous, oil blends are not misah).
Let ga bantet, steam heat until steamy much before the batter into the steamer. Use enough water, not until seethe water on a baking sheet.
Let ga bantet, Cover the steamer lid with a clean towel, so that moisture does not fall on the cake so that the cake failed to thrive and bumpy surface.
Use low heat when steaming, great fire will make the top of the cake bumpy.
O yes, my brother in law once asked, emulsifier was what?
Emulsifier was one chemical for food additives are useful to bind the liquid to the egg so quickly whisk the egg does not go down when the dough had to wait for the maturation process (steamed or grilled). Emulsifier is also useful to help speed up the climate of eggs when shaken.
Emulsifier own assortment of brands and only a few that have a halal certificate from MUI. So if fear subhat with this emulsifier content, ga pake also engga anything.
But, if no emulsifier need more egg yolks. And let the eggs can be inflated and rigid, whisk the eggs while soaking in a bowl whisk the eggs in a larger basin with hot water when the whisk.
Eh eh, style kayak course instructors already wrote. So deh approx. You see, not an expert in make cakes. Just wrote a little experience, plus the results of browsing from a variety of sources.

enjoy my Cheap Simple Steamed Brownies Recipe.
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